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Introduction of GreenZoom

GreenZoom is a group of youth who joined in Photographic project on Hanoi Environment (September, 2005). Moreover, GreenZoom members often have a strong attachment, reciprocate informations to each other and join community- oriented activities.

GreenZoom always encourages the youth to show and share their thoughts, opinions, emotions and private experiences in all life aspects such as: culture, society, environment, life-style,… through many different ways. Thus, GreenZoom is oriented to creat and build up a dynamic, creative and having the same sense of purpose community. After the success of the photographic project in 2005, GreenZoom is deploying some community- oriented projects and the project in 2006 has received partly the sponsor of University of Nottingham Association Award- a fund of Nottingham university, UK to encourage the participation of students in community- oriented activities.

The principal communicated beneficiaries of the project are pupils, students and youth. The project activities are various to attract the concerns of the youth to the community projects deployed by GreenZoom.

Project Overview

The northern plain area of Vietnam has always been considered the cultural cradle of this country. This part possesses a wealth of distinctive cultural features that need exploring and preserving, among which one of the most noteworthy is the culture of trade villages spreading along rivers here.

Over the last few years, the urbanization has made profound impacts on every aspect of lives in these villages, including changes in the culture, environment and society of inhabitants living here.

Awaring this fact, in the year 2006, GreenZoom group decides to carry out a project investigating a trade village locating in the northern plain area of Vietnam, namely Tho Hà. The project aims to reflect generally distinctive cultural features of this area through viewpoints of participants. With this activity, GreenZoom hopes to simultaneously investigate rapid changes in environment, life style and culture of inhabitants in this trade village under the pressure of economic development. Besides, this project presents attitudes of the youth towards distinctive traditional culture of the nation – an issue that still needs more sufficient and active participation from this portion of population.

Lying along Câu river and 40km away from Hanoi, Tho Hà is just like a spot inside Bac Giang province. This village is separated from the others by Câu river. It is probably this river and its pier that have protected the most peculiar folklore features of Tho Hà. As many people can remember, Tho Hà produced ceramics wares and the prosperity of its inhabitants came from this kind of handicraft.

However, under the pressure of the market economy, ceramics of Tho Hà has lost its position and disappeared. At present, the tradition of ceramics making in Tho Hà has nearly lost. The previous position of the four kilns of this village now has turned into gardens and houses. Tho Hà is currently mentioned under a new name: rice-paper village.

Objectives of the project

This project is implemented in order to:

• Reflect viewpoints of the youth about changes in the current life of the village,

• Encourage and improve the skills of exploration, observation, and note-taking of participants,

• Through communicational work, draw the attention of people, especially the youth, into such issues challenging different areas including Tho Hà.

Objects and scope of the project

• Architecture of buildings and social relationship (inside families and the village)

• Changes in traditional trade (from making ceramics to making rice paper)

• Environmental pollution in the village (waste water from production, household sewage, and water pollution along Câu river…)


• Interview directly at the village,

• Collect samples of waste water and sewage for analysis,

• Make photographical reports and movies, and


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